is a news and lifestyle portal dedicated to the south suburbs of Athens. Since 2013 the portal published a remarkable amount of content, reaching 200.000 unique users. Nou-Pou team invited us to create a new, fresh and mobile friendly version of so as to bring the portal, as they say, to the next level.

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During the redesign process, we came across 3 challenges mainly focused on the ui and ux.

The first one was to omit any details that distracted the user from the actual content, without losing the feeling of navigating in a familiar environment.

The second was to implement a variety of advertising features in a smart and easily manageable way and yet remain flexible to the needs of an online publisher network.

As for the most challenging part aspect of this project, we wanted to create a new architecture in terms of categorizing content and add usability features to promote the city guide nature of the project.

We worked closely with Nou-Pou team, presenting mockups and prototypes to assure and clarify all the important details.

The new layout is based in the principle of 'Content First'. More white space between the articles, larger photo sizes and colorfull details improved both navigation and readability.

The advertising zones were placed according to the new business model, without restricting readability while management of “in article” advertising placements was implemented in the cms to give direct control to the editors.

Last but not least, we created a new section, a map with all the south locations, where the user can find any location related content availiable.


  • UI/UX
  • Website Design
  • Website Development


South in Greece means sea and sun, so in terms of color, things were quite straight forward. The logo's black and blue combined with bright yellow details throughout the website create a fresh, pleasant and southern look and feel!



They say that a great co-operation can be judged by the outcome. In BEATTHEWHITES case, the results are always the best. The major service we received was to work with really open-minded and digitally aware professionals. Pop Out and