Enjoyagers is a group of young, open minded people who want LGBTQI+ and all progressive people who travel, to experience Greece as locals do. Being experts on tours and travel services, they can offer vacation packages for all people, but with that little extra flare that the rainbow community is thirsty for.

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Our main goal was to create a unique brand identity and incorporate it in a website that showcases all the different choices the visitors have when it comes to choosing their ideal vacations.

Additionally, we wanted to highlight their unique selling point, visitors being able to completely customize their trip and create a tailor made tour or travel package. All the above presented in a professional yet happy and gay friendly visual and lingual presentation.

Photo editing to showcase Greeceā€™s most beautiful places was key when building this website, as well to find the appropriate balance between graphics and content in order to ensure UX/UI experience.

The use of slang that correlates with the gay community was very important and we created a special page with an on point questionnaire that runs all across the website so at every moment of the navigation, the user has the opportunity to create something that fits his unique needs.


  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Content creation
  • Content managment

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Obviously, because the website targets mainly the LGBTQI+, we wanted to use the colors of the rainbow all across the site to help Enjoyagers brand their service. The goal was to have a colorful but also tasteful website, that celebrated a culture and it's community.


We created a fully responsive site that is possibly even more impressive when navigating through mobile devices that allows visitors have the full experience of planning their vacations from anywhere around the world.