Run me to the moon

“Run me to the moon” is the name of a mini marathon that takes place in the southern suburbs of Athens during night time! It is organised by the Municipality of Glyfada and the best localised news site dedicated to the southern suburbs: Finish time and score is not the only purpose of the run as part of the income is donated to charitable institutions. The main goal is to encourage running, be healthy and help others.

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The website serves an informative purpose for visitors to learn about this unusual run and become a part of it. We aimed for an inviting web environment where all information are clarified (place, time, scope etc) and effortlessly accessible to resolve any hesitation the potential participants might have.

Visitors can find the information they need just scrolling down the page or using the main menu. Our goal was to be specific and precise regarding the scope and details of the run. As a result we had a pleasant layout and many visitors on web and actually on site!


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They say that a great co-operation can be judged by the outcome. In BEATTHEWHITES case, the results are always the best. The major service we received was to work with really open-minded and digitally aware professionals. Pop Out and