Betblog counts officialy 8 years of successful operation in the field of online betting thus, the standards were already high. Having in mind the Olympic Games punchline: Citius, Altius, Fortius (faster, higher, stronger), we set the main principles of our project: Faster live scores, higher response rates, stronger applications. We accomplished all requirements and we are happy about it.

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This was among the most tech savvy project we have worked on; Django, Celery, REDIS, PostrgeSQL, Backbone.js, Moustache are a few of the first-class web technologies we used to achieve our goal. Live scores, betting odds, tip notifications and many other features are harmoniously combined under an explicit UI design for demanding users that want direct, consistent and prime information.

The best part was our cooperation with betblog’s exceptional team with years of experience in online betting and high quality sports journalism that lead to straightforward and enjoyable teamwork. There’s nothing more to expect than limitless traffic on all servers and the best of luck to all users!


  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Website development

LOGO (roll over) (tap once)

Our approach on betbog’s new logo was to point out and refresh an already popular brand. We used the same colour palette of petrol and orange, as it is throughout the website, and put it in a bubble element to express communication and users’ interaction with betblog’s constantly updated content.


We decided to choose among 2 main colours that would assert the validity of betblog’s features and be easy to the eye. We concluded to a combination of petrol and orange along with their lighter and darker hues that become apparent throughout the site.


Responsive design couldn’t be more efficient for this website. Users can browse through all information and view the data they need, no matter their capacity (boards, charts etc), from any screen either at home or on the go.